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We ensure the availability of social housing in Reykjavík

In all parts of Reykjavík, there are rental units for families and individuals who are below certain property and income limits, as well as rental apartments for the elderly and people with disabilities.

How do I rent an apartment from Félagsbústaðir?


An applicant who fulfills the conditions applies at their City of Reykjavík service center.


An applicant who fulfills the conditions applies at their City of Reykjavík service centre.

Viewing the apartments

The applicant views the apartment and evaluates it.


A lease agreement is signed at the office of Félagsbústaðir at Þönglabakki 4, and the apartment is handed over to the tenant.

Félagsbústaðir’s portfolio

Rental units

Rental units

General apartments

General apartments

Service apartments

Service apartments

Assisted living

Assisted living

Key Figures


The value of the portfolio at the beginning of 2021.


Percentage of social housing from Félagsbústaðir in Reykjavík.


Percentage of population in social housing from Félagsbústaðir in Reykjavík.


Proportion of tenants who are satisfied with renting from Félagsbústaðir.

Changes to opening times


As in other parts of society, a shorter working week is now being implemented at Félagsbústaðir. In connection with this, from the beginning of the year, we will close at 14:00 on Fridays. On other days of the week, we are open between 9:00 and 15:00 as before. We remind you that you can always send a message to felagsbustadir@felagsbustadir.is or through the website.

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Information on changes to the payment fee


Changes have been made to the monthly payment fee for rental invoices. The fee has been reduced from ISK ISK 250 to ISK 200, as invoices are now only published electronically in the online banking. The payment fee covers the cost of electronic notification and publication.

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