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Asset categories

Properties owned by Félagsbústaðir are divided into four categories.

The largest category is general apartments intended for low-income individuals and families in need of assistance. Just over half of Félagsbústaðir’s rental apartments are single apartments, located throughout Reykjavík; other rental units are in premises that are fully owned by the company.

Housing for the disabled is rental housing for people who need special assistance due to their disability. The apartments are located around Reykjavík and consist mostly of residential clusters with 5–6 rental apartments, as well as staff facilities located in the cluster. The employees within the cluster also serve residents in other apartments owned by the company located in the vicinity, depending on the occasion and need. 

Félagsbústaðir owns and operates service apartments for the elderly in six large clusters within Reykjavík:

  • Dalbraut 23-27
  • Furugerði 1
  • Hjallasel 55 (Seljahlíð)
  • Lindargata 57-66
  • Lönguhlíð 3
  • Norðurbrún 1

Housing for homeless individuals with extensive and complex service needs are individual apartments and cottages, as well as apartment clusters and rooms in Reykjavík. A special support team under the auspices of the Welfare Department is responsible for assisting and supporting the group living in this housing.