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  • Who handles the allocation of Félagsbústaðir apartments?

    Reykjavík City Welfare Department decides who will be allocated Félagsbústaðir’s apartments. For further details, see here.

  • Who organises the creation of the rantal agreement?

    Félagsbústaðir’s service consultants handle the rental agreements.

    If you have viewed the apartment you were allocated, you can book an appointment for signing the rental agreement Monday to Thursday from 9:00-15:00 and Friday from 9:00-14:00 by telephone at 520-1500.

  • Who should you contact concerning bad conduct or violation of house rules?

    If you live in a building where there is a violation of house rules, we would like to hear from you. Send us an e-mail, contact us via online chat or call. We will take note your concerns and react as appropriate. We appreciate being notified.  

  • Who is responsible for and pays for damage to Félagsbústaðir’s apartments?

    If you as a tenant or a party connected to you has caused damage, you are responsible and may have to pay repair costs. Damage caused by external factors, e.g. weather, natural disasters or unrelated parties, are the responsibility and cost of Félagsbústaðir.

  • Is it permissible to rent to tourists or other parties?

    The subletting of Félagsbústaðir’s apartments to tourists or other parties, for a longer or shorter period, in part or in full, is prohibited in accord to the provisions of the leasing agreements and the provisions of the Rental Act. Such subletting is also not in line with the purpose rooted the rental agreements of Félagsbústaðir, where fewer people receive assistance than want and need. In the event of a violation of this ban, the immediate termination of the contract can be expected. 

  • Who is responsible for maintenance of the area surrounding the buildings?

    Félagsbústaðir takes care of the area surrounding the buildings and the common areas in the apartment buildings that we fully own. The housing association in question takes care of the maintenance of the surrounding area and common areas where we own individual properties.

    If the apartment comes with a private garden, the tenant is responsible for general maintenance, i.e. mowing the lawn, clearing the flower beds and clipping trees so that the garden is tidy. The tenant may also have to take care of other types of joint obligations, e.g. cleaning of common areas and supervision of waste storage areas, subject to the agreements of each housing association. If not attended to, Félagsbústaðir reserves the right to have this done at the tenant’s expense.

  • What should be done when terminating a rental agreement?

    If you are planning to move elsewhere, please let us know by e-mail. We will guide you through the next steps and when you will need to return the apartment. Please remember that you must empty the apartment, do a light cleaning and give Veitur an electrical reading, before you return the keys to us.

  • Am I entitled to housing benefits?

    Yes, in most cases, our tenants are entitled to housing benefits. Further information about applying for housing benefits and applications can be found on the website of the Housing and Construction Authority.

    Housing benefits are paid directly to Félagsbústaðir, and are deducted from the rent. The same applies to the special housing support provided by the City of Reykjavík’s Welfare Department. 

    Individuals who are registered as single and live alone may also be entitled to a housing supplement. The grant is paid to the individual. Further information is available on the Social Insurance Administration website.

  • How often is the apartment painted?

    Apartments are usually painted every seven to eight years from the time tenants move in, unless there are other reasons, e.g. damage, local conditions and more. Félagsbústaðir’s project managers decide if and when to paint. If you think it’s time to paint your apartment, please contact us and we will look into the matter.

  • Can tenants make changes to an apartment?

    In general, it is not permitted to make any changes to apartments without the permission of Félagsbústaðir. Of course, it is okay to hang pictures and other light objects on the walls.

  • Who should be contacted for projects carried out by the housing association where Félagsbústaðir are in the minority?

    We ask to receive all information concerning planned construction and meeting invitations for housing association by e-mail.

    Most often, we follow the majority when it comes to approval for improvements and construction of common areas. If the housing association is responsible for the renovation and construction for each apartment, please send us information about the project description and costs by e-mail before construction begins. 


  • Do Félagsbústaðir mark parking spaces for each apartment?

    In the case of apartment buildings that are fully owned by the company, parking spaces are generally not marked for specific apartments. 

    Where Félagsbústaðir owns individual flats, parking spaces are in accord to the decision the housing association in question.

  • Do Félagsbústaðir provide P-parking spaces and special signs for residents?

    Félagsbústaðir try to ensure a sufficient supply of parking spaces based on the number of tenants with P-certificates and also for guests. 

    Special markings on P-parking spaces are subject to the Welfare Department’s assessment of the special needs of P-license holders, and this must be formally applied for to a social worker or the relevant service center.

  • Do Félagsbústaðir provide assistance with moving, waste disposal or the like?

    No. If you think you have an urgent need or are entitled to financial or other assistance, please contact your social worker.

  • I received a letter from Motus; what does that mean?

    Motus collects rent that is in arrears on behalf of Félagsbústaðir.

    If the rent is still unpaid 28 days after the final due date, the rental claim will go to Motus for intermediate collection. The payer is given 7 days to complete the payment or reach an agreement. If rent is still unpaid 3 months from the final due date, legal collection is initiated with Lögheimtan, which can result in an eviction. More information can be found on Motus’ payer website, Do not do nothing.

    The Motus staff apply themselves to find solutions for a successful continued residency for tenants.

  • Who can I talk to about payments?

    Contact us by phone, online chat or by e-mail, and we will look into the matter with you.

  • What should I do if I want to get a pet animal?

    In general, Félagsbústaðir permits the keeping of pet animals on their property, but this is always subject to the consent of other residents in your apartment building and the building’s housing association. It is necessary to obtain the written consent of 2/3 of the residents in the apartment building before you get a pet animal. 

    If you have received permission from other residents in the apartment building, it is necessary to apply for a permit for the pet animal and register with the City of Reykjavík. See more information about pet dog keeping and pet cat keeping

    As a result, you must take ensure that your pet does not cause danger, inconvenience, uncleanliness, or disturb the peace of your neighbors. Pet dog owners need to remove excrement from the dog immediately and raise the dog so that he does not bark when he is alone at home. Pet dogs must also not be loose in common areas or areas surrounding the building and must be on a leash when they are coming or going from an apartment.

  • What do I do if I want to move to another building?

    You apply for a transfer at your service centre. All questions about transfers and the waiting time for moving to another apartment should be directed to the City of Reykjavík’s Welfare Department or to your service centre.

    If a transfer has been approved and you have been allocated another apartment, a process similar to the one you went through when you were first allocated an apartment takes over. You should call us and request a time to view your new apartment. If you agree to the new apartment, you will receive a booked time for signing the rental agreement. When moving, it is important to change your legal domicile as soon as possible, as well as renew applications for housing benefits and special housing support in accordance with the new address. 

    Transfers are subject to fees consisting of a one-time kr. 10.000 fee and a daily fee. The daily fee is calculated for each day you keep your previous apartment, after signing a leasing agreement for a new apartment. 

  • What is the process that begins with repeated housing rules violations?

    In the case of a violation of housing rules, the tenant receives a written warning. If the tenant breaks the housing rules again, this can lead to the termination of the tenancy agreement and it will be requested that the apartment be vacated within a certain deadline. Thereafter it is common that a tenant receives a visit by Félagsbústaðir staff and a social worker from the service center, where the recommendation is made that the tenant move out of the apartment. In some cases, a social worker can offer the tenant other options, and therefore, it is seldom necessary to resort to judicial processes and/or removal by the District Commissioner.

    If, on the other hand, the tenant refuses to vacate the apartment, a request for eviction will be brought before the district court. When a ruling has been made, the case is referred to the District Commissioner with a request that he handle the eviction. Such a process can take some time and depends on the number of cases in process at the relevant agency at any given time.

  • What is included in the housing fund?

    It is different between apartment buildings what is included in housing fund. What is usually included in housing fund is heating; electricity; care of the garden, e.g. mowing and snow removal; garbage collection; and recycling. Sometimes cleaning is purchased as part of the housing fund, but otherwise the residents share the cleaning of the common area.

    If you want to know exactly what is included in the housing maintenance fee in your building, please contact us

  • Why did the amount on my rental invoice change this month?

    The rental price of apartments in Félagsbústaðir is index-linked, so rental prices can vary slightly between months.

    If there was a significant change in the amount of the rental invoice, the reason may be a change in the amount of housing benefits or special housing support

    Please note that a detailed invoice will appear in your online banking. 

  • I received a warning; what does that mean?

    Warnings are sent to tenants following serious violations of housing rules. When we send a warning, we are in contact with social workers and/or other supporters who are involved with the tenant in question, and we always focus on giving the tenant the opportunity to improve their behavior. In the event of repeated and serious violations of housing rules, the tenancy agreement may be terminated and a request may be made for the apartment to be vacated within a specified period. Some cases may lead to eviction. 

    If you have received a warning, carefully review its content and take into account what it says. Please contact us if anything is unclear. 

  • What is included in the service fee?

    Félagsbústaðir collects service fees for service apartments on behalf of the City of Reykjavík.

    These include round-the-clock monitoring, security system, management and office management, as well as cleaning of common areas and lounge facilities. 

  • How can I obtain more keys to the apartment?

    If the apartment is in a building that Félagsbústaðir owns in full, we ask you to contact us

    If Félagsbústaðir does not own the building in full, i.e. in the case of a single apartment, the tenant goes to the locksmith themselves and requests the additional keys. 

    Tenants bear the cost of extra keys themselves. 

  • How can I get rid of clutter in the common area of my building?

    Housing rules state that rubbish should not be left in common areas, e.g. in the stairwell. If this is the case, we ask you to notify us by phone 520-1500 or by e-mail.

  • What do I do if here are cars without license plates in the parking lot of my building?

    We try to ensure that cars without license plates do not block parking spaces by buildings that we own in their entirety. If you live in a building that we own fully, you can let us know about cars without license plates in parking areas by calling 520-1500 or via e-mail.

    If you live in a single apartment, contact the housing association in the building where you live.

  • Can I attend the housing association meeting in my building?

    You can attend a housing association meeting in your building but note that you do not have the right to vote like other residents and owners of apartments in the building.

  • What do I do if my toilet is blocked?

    If common blockage clearing methods have not been sufficient, we suggest you contact us and we will resolve the issue.

  • Is there a common venue for tenants of Félagsbústaðir?

    Yes, Blokkin is the Félagsbústaðir tenants’ association. Further information can be found on their Facebook page.

  • How long do I have to wait for my message to be answered?

    We respond to all enquiries and submit them for processing within 24 hours or the next working day. The processing time of enquiries can vary according to their nature, e.g. depending on the nature of the repair request or the complexity of the communication problem in the house in which you live. We assure you that we will process the case as soon as possible and will inform you of the situation as appropriate. 

  • Do I need to buy insurance if I am a tenant of Félagsbústaðir?

    As a tenant, you need to ensure your belongings yourself, should you choose to do so. Félagsbústaðir are not liable for any damage to household furniture. The property as such is insured by Félagsbústaðir according to laws to that effect.

  • Can children over the age of 18 live with the tenant?

    Children of tenants who live with them and reach the age of 18 after the allocation of the premises may continue to live with the tenant after reaching the age of 18. 

  • What do I do if I want to move?

    You apply for a transfer between apartments in your municipal service center. All questions about waiting time and sunch are directed to Welfare division of Reykjavík City and your municipal service center

    If your transfer application has been approved a similar process as when you were first allocated housing begins. You contact us and book an appointment to see the apartment. If you accept and wish to rent the apartment, you book an appointment to sign a leasing agreement. When transferring apartments you need to move your legal address, apply for housing benefits as well as special housing benefits according to your new address.

    A transfer fee kr. 10.000 is charged. A daily fee will add to the transfer fee for each day until you return the keys to the old apartment. For example, you could sign a leasing agreement on Monday and return the old apartment on Tuesday without being charged a daily fee. However, if you return the old apartment on Wednesday, kr. 2.860 will be added. The total amount in this case would be kr. 12.860.

  • Who is responsible for damages to apartments owned by Félagsbústaðir?

    If the tenant or parties related to the tenant has caused damage, he is responsible and may have to pay repair costs. Damage caused by external factors, e.g. weather, natural disasters or unrelated parties are the responsibility and cost of Félagsbústaðir.

  • What is the difference between a service apartment and a security apartment for the elderly?

    The difference between a service apartment and a security apartment, is that in a security housing complex a nurse is on call night and day. You specify on you application whether you want to apply for a service apartment or a security apartment. 

  • What is a payment fee?

    A payment fee (IS. greiðslugjald) kr. 200 is a fee charged due to cost of creating bills in your online banking.

  • Is window cleaning included in the house fund?

    No, in general window washing is not included in the housing fund and Félagsbústaðir do usually not provide such cleaning.

  • Who do I contact if I know of misconduct related to the administration of the City of Reykjavík?

    Here you can submit a report to the Internal Audit if you have become aware of a possible misconduct concerning the activities of the City of Reykjavík.

  • What is an apartment transfer fee?

    An apartment transfer fee is charged for transfers between apartments owned by Félagsbústaðir. The transfer fee consists of a one-time fee kr. 10.000, which is added to the first month of the new leasing agreement. Also, a daily fee kr. 2.860 for each day a tenant keeps the previous apartment until it is returned. The daily fee is calculated from the second day, which means that if the tenant signs a contract for a new apartment on Monday, the tenant can return the apartment on Tuesday without a daily fee. However, if returned on Wednesday, the daily fee is calculated at kr. 2.860 and the total transfer fee will therefore be ISK 12,860. Tenants will have the option to divide payments over six months.