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The due date for rent is the 1st of each month, and the final due date for rent is the 7th of each month. A detailed invoice is sent to your online banking. 

The invoice states the amount of rent each month, housing maintenance fees, heating and electricity, as applicable. In addition, it includes information on housing benefits and special housing support that is paid to Félagsbústaðir and is deductible on the rent if you have applied for such and meet the conditions.

If you do not pay by the final due date, a collection warning will be sent 7 days from the final due date for rent. A cost of ISK 795  is also added.

If the rent is still unpaid 28 days after the final due date, the rental claim will go to Motus for intermediate collection.  The payer is given 7 days to complete the payment or reach an agreement. If rent is still unpaid 3 months from the final due date, legal collection is initiated with Lögheimtan, which can end with eviction. More information can be found on the Motus’ payer website, Do not do nothing. In Motus, payers have been accommodated as much as possible and solutions have been found that contribute to a successful continued residence.