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Leasing agreement

After you have decided to accept the apartment that was allocated to you, an appointment for finalising the rental agreement needs to be booked. We draw your attention to the fact that in some cases, you need to conclude a follow-up agreement with a service centre before you can enter into a rental agreement. Your social worker will inform you about this if this is the case.

The rental agreement is signed at the Félagsbústaðir office. It takes about 30–45 minutes to review the agreement. Service centre consultants will review all the main provisions of the agreement, discuss rent payments, housing maintenance fund, housing benefit, period of validity, maintenance, conduct, house rules and more. 

After signing the agreement, it is important that you consider the following:

  • Move your legal domicile by registering at Registers Iceland.
  • Apply for housing benefits on the website Housing and Construction Authority. Housing benefit will then be paid directly to Félagsbústaðir, which will deduct it from the rent. 
  • Apply for special housing support, if applicable, applied for at the service centre. Special housing support is financial support for the payment of rent, in addition to general housing benefits, and is intended for families and individuals who need assistance to support their home. An application for special housing support is valid for 12 months from the date of application. It is important to renew the application at the service centre within 12 months from the application date each year. Special housing support is also paid directly to Félagsbústaðir and is deducted from rent.  

After you have signed the rental agreement and received answers to any questions you may have, you will receive a copy of the rental agreement to take home. The agreement states the property identification number of the apartment for registration on the application form for housing benefit. There you will also find the ID number of Félagsbústaðir, but you must include the ID number of Félagsbústaðir as the landlord on the application for housing benefits and the application for special housing support so that it is paid directly to us. Where Félagsbústaðir’s account information is requested on the application, please leave this part empty. 

Individuals who are registered as single and live alone may also be entitled to a housing supplement, which is paid directly to individuals. It is also permitted to pay household supplement to pensioners if the spouse stays in an institution for the elderly. Further information is available on the Social Insurance Administration website.

On finalising the agreement, you will receive the keys to your new apartment.